By Working as a promoter for us you will help us get known as well as gain free products for you to promote us in.


How it works?

Once you are accepted as a promoter for us you will receive your own discount code that grants you 10% off an order.

 We run a points scheme - every time your personal discount code is used you will earn a point.

You will be given a 7 day trial period in which you will need to get your promo code used once. If you fail to do this in the first week then your code will be deleted and you wont be a promoter. The reason of this trial period is to see if you can gain us sales.


4 points is 30% off a product

8 points - Free product (under £!5)

10 points - free product and a free bandana.

15 points - 2 free products.

How to promote us?

Social media is a great way to tell people your a new promoter for us simply tweet or post on instagram or facebook that your a new promoter for us and this is your code, also personally messeging friends or someone you think maybe interested is always a good way too.

Email me for your code etc